Get Setup

Get Setup modules are designed to get your environment up and running fast. These modules are built to support your environment, online or on-premise, or both.

Not sure about the move to the cloud?

Our on-premise deployment modules have got you (and up to 1000 users) covered. Online or on-premise? It’s up to you.

There are four modules in the Get Set Up suite

The Get Set Up suite of modules is designed to get you up and running with SharePoint quickly and easily. Before you know it you’ll be collaborating more effectively with colleagues, customers and business partners and sharing information in new and more productive ways.

SharePoint Online

A powerful business solution without the overhead of managing your own infrastructure

Single Sign On

Keep things simple with streamlined single sign on for users across platforms

On-Premise Deployment Lite

Not every organisation is ready – just yet – to dive head‑first into SharePoint Online waters

On Premise Deployment – Enterprise

Enable secure collaboration inside and out of the office for up to 1000 users

SharePoint Online

Storing, managing and sharing documents becomes a breeze with SharePoint Online, enabling you to safely secure important data and get more done in less time.

SharePoint Online is an attractive alternative to an on premise SharePoint deployment. Set-up and maintenance costs are lower, complexity is smaller and far less demand is placed on your organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.

Creating Office documents and saving them to SharePoint Online is a simple process. It is also easy to find the right people and access the right information whenever you need it and from any Internet-connected device.

For businesses that want to work smarter, and make better and faster business decisions, SharePoint Online is a proven solution.

Single Sign On

Our Single Sign On module provides a streamlined, secure and easy‑to‑manage process for logging onto, and moving between, SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Using Single Sign On, your SharePoint Online users are able to sign on seamlessly to SharePoint online from within their network, with no extra prompt for user names and passwords once they are logged onto their domain. By enabling users to quickly and securely access their applications, they can spend less time grappling with the technology and more time getting work done.

The Single Sign On module leverages your existing Active Directory to create an efficient process. If users are working remotely, they can in to SharePoint Online from wherever they’re located using their company login details, thereby removing the need for multiple passwords.

On-Premise Deployment

Not every organisation is ready – just yet – to dive head‑first into SharePoint waters. Our SharePoint On‑Premise Lite module allows businesses to dip their toes into the SharePoint pool without the expense and complexity of a larger SharePoint deployment.

Your SharePoint On-premise environment will be able to support up to 200 users via a small SharePoint farm. The set‑up is flexible and can be scaled up when the load or the number of users increases.

On-Premise Deployment – Enterprise

Despite the widespread appeal of the cloud version of SharePoint, many organisations view the on‑premise alternative as the best one for them. Whether it’s because of concerns around control, data governance or other regulatory requirements, running SharePoint on-premise, for many businesses (particularly larger sized ones), the preferred option.

To fill this space we have developed the On‑Premise – Enterprise module. Flexible, robust and designed so that users can hit the ground running, our On‑Premise Deployment – Enterprise version of SharePoint can support up to 1,000 users on a normal load.

This module offers rich functionality that can be securely accessed from any Internet‑connected device. You maintain full control over customisations, system performance, scaling up or down and bandwidth requirements.

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