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The full suite of SharePoint Intranet Packages offers plenty of choice.

But we’ve made things easier with a selection of cloud and on-premise bundles that will not only get you up and running quickly, but will deliver some real cost savings.

Cloud Maximise Services

  • Cloud Maximise is ideal for custom requirements, workshopping and solution design effort, delivery of those designs, or other ad hoc consulting services for existing sites, site extensions, and training Services. They can be purchased in multiple quantities to suit the need required and include:
  • Analysis & design
  • Project delivery
  • ƒƒTraining services
  • ƒƒAdhoc consulting and development


By choosing this Bundle, you stand to gain cost savings exceeding 10%.

Already have a strong idea of what you want to achieve? Cloud Explore Bundle will help you explore all its capabilities

Our Cloud Explore Bundle provides everything that’s in the Cloud Entry Bundle but also includes the Intranet 101 module, Sign On configuration, SharePoint Support Plus and coordination and management of the SharePoint deployment project.

With six components in total, this Bundle will have you and your people using SharePoint for greater productivity and efficiency within very little time. Team collaboration, document management, search and other functions will be performed with ease, allowing your business to deliver a real and fast return on your SharePoint investment.

The Cloud Maximise Bundle offers the best in SharePoint analysis, design, training, consulting and system development.

Cloud Maximise is ideal for businesses with custom requirements. Our SharePoint professionals will work with you to ensure that your SharePoint platform meets your unique needs from both a technical and business perspective. This begins with a thorough assessment of your requirements, then proceeds to designing and deploying a SharePoint solution that addresses those needs.

Through training, workshops, one-on-one and group interviews, we will ensure that all your users quickly become proficient with SharePoint. Our SharePoint consultants will guide you every step of the way and provide whatever ad hoc consulting and development (including site extensions) is required.


Get the most out of your custom requirements.

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