Personalise your environment

Just because it’s been made easy and affordable doesn’t mean it can’t be configured for your needs. Our modules can personalise SharePoint to reflect your organisation’s evolving needs.

Drive greater productivity, deeper user engagement and a sharper business focus with a personalised SharePoint environment

The ability to personalise its features and functions is one of the many attractive qualities of SharePoint. We offer six modules that have been developed for enhanced personalisation.

Document Management Lite

Provide an improved experience for finding, managing, sharing, collaborating on and approving documents

SharePoint Intranet 101

SharePoint Intranet 101 delivers a ready to go SharePoint experience without the need for costly solution design planning

Managed Project Sites

Create a hub of productivity and a place to manage, track and structure your team projects

Responsive Home Page

Keep your workplace connected with a module to simplify your mobility strategy

Document Management Lite

This module provides a greatly improved experience for finding, managing, sharing, collaborating on and approving documents. SharePoint users will no longer be confused over which document is the right one to be working on; they can edit documents simultaneously without the need to send attachments back and forth when producing a document to which multiple people are contributing.

By classifying documents with tags assigned in Word, Excel or PowerPoint Document Management Lite makes it easy for users to find and filter the documents they are searching for and reduces the number of locations required to store documents. Document version history is tracked by SharePoint and previous versions can be easily restored when needed.

Training forms part of our Document Management Lite offering. Through interactive workshops, we will ensure that your SharePoint users are familiar and proficient with the various ways SharePoint can be configured to maximise its personalisation potential.

SharePoint Intranet 101

SharePoint Intranet 101 delivers a ready‑to‑go SharePoint experience. By bypassing potentially costly and resource‑draining design planning and customisations, Intranet 101 is an attractive option for businesses with a limited budget and with no desire for an ‘all the bells and whistles’ version of the SharePoint platform.

Intranet 101 leverages more than a decade’s experience in SharePoint deployments for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We have taken the most commonly requested SharePoint designs and features and have pre‑baked them into this highly functional solution, but with ample scope for your personal touches.

Managed Project Sites

Getting a project completed successfully requires a means to structure the project, manage it and track its progress throughout all stages. With our Managed Project Sites module, your SharePoint platform will become a hub of productivity, dramatically improving the ability of your SharePoint users to effectively work through a project.

Using Managed Project Sites, SharePoint users will find it easy to assign tasks, allocate resources, engage with collaborators, manage workflows and keep on top of anything else that’s required to ensure that a project runs smoothly and meets its objectives.

To kickstart this process, one of our SharePoint professionals will consult with your team to assess how SharePoint can be configured to meet your needs. The resulting SharePoint site will include a project register to track new projects with an embedded project creation workflow for an approval process. What you will end up with is a central place to store and manage project tasks and documents with scope for social comments as required.

Responsive Home Page

A home page that shows up nicely on any tablet, smartphone or other device is a must have in today’s digitally connected world.

Our Responsive Home Page module simplifies your mobile strategy, taking your existing intranet design and syndicating its content to provide a mobile- and tablet friendly home page.

Leveraging the capabilities of this module, your employees will find it easy to engage with SharePoint’s services, access information and collaborate with colleagues anywhere, any time and from any device.

Personalise Your Environment

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