Ready made SharePoint deployment packages for small and mid-sized business

Like what SharePoint offers but always thought it was too hard or too expensive for your business?
It doesn’t have to be
We have SharePoint solutions for your organisation all wrapped up so it’s now even easier to get the most out of SharePoint Intranet project.

Why SharePoint Intranet Deployment Packages?


Pay for the SharePoint functionality that you really need and our ready-made intranet packages can be purchased, implemented and maintained for just a fraction of what you might expect.

Fast Deployment

If you need to get your SharePoint environment set up and running ASAP or would like to tailor and support an existing environment without the headaches, there’s a ready-made intranet module to help get you there quickly.


Our ready-made intranet packages are made to grow with your business. Start with one bundle and add packages as you need.

Quick ROI

Leverage SharePoint’s powerful workflow engine to automate manual paper based processes and increase staff productivity

No technical skills required

With SharePoint Online on Office 365 your platform is fully managed and maintained by Microsoft so no in house technical skills are required to support the platform.

Easily configurable

With eleven modules to choose from, there are endless options for customising your organisation’s SharePoint environment.

Intranet Off the Shelf

Our Get Setup modules are designed to get your SharePoint environment up and running fast. We’ve created out of the box intranet templates that are built to  support your environment, online or on-premise, or both.

Personalised Intranet Solutions

A prepackaged Intranet isn’t just easy and affordable it can also be configured for your needs. With our Intranet templates and custom modules you can personalise SharePoint to reflect your organisation’s evolving needs.

Feel Supported

Support your power users with advice and skills from experts who can provide you with training, resolutions, applications guidance and more!

Bundle & Save

We’ve made the journey even easier with our recommended Intranet packages to help you on your way.

These bundles have been put together by our expert SharePoint consultants. So why not save with our Intranet 101 solutions?

Core Capability and Features

SharePoint Online

The perfect starter-kit to get your online intranet solution setup and running. Be guided on all the basics with our expert assistance and training


SharePoint On Premise

We’ll configure SharePoint to live within your existing servers and ensure the best security and performance

Single Sign On

Create a completely streamlined process for your users leveraging your existing Active Directory


Intranet 101 Templates

We have taken the most commonly requested designs and features and pre-baked them into our mobile responsive templates  ready for a few of your personal touches


Managed Project Sites

Make your SharePoint site the hub of productivity for your employees with our pre-packaged intranet templates


FAQs for our intranet packages solutions

Will I be able to use my own corporate branding?
Yes, branding solutions can be developed and activated on SharePoint sites.
How will it sync with Active Directory?
User account properties are synchronised from an on Premise Active Directory Domain Controller to Azure Active Directory via the use of the Directory Synchronisation Tool (DirSync). This information is then made available to SharePoint User Profiles. This is a one way synchronisation (On-Prem > Office 365) that ensures your on premise Active Directory remains the single source of truth with SharePoint only displaying a copy of that.
What are the forms built in?
Which forms are we talking about here? Generally, power users can quickly produce rich forms that can be completed and submitted in the browser using InfoPath Designer (End of life is 2023), which has known limitations. Alternatively, developers can construct SharePoint Apps or Forms for SharePoint Lists. Additionally, there are form building tools that are available from the SharePoint app store.

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